requiem for a champ

In her article on Mike Tyson, "Requiem for the Champ", June Jordan writes, "The choies available to us dehumanize." (p468). What does she mean by this? Write your reaction and opinion to the position she takes in this article.

I think what the author means by the quote is that sometimes people have no other choice but to be immoral and do inhumane things. She points out that growing up poor and black you really had no choice other than to fight other people because there was nothing else to do she actually listed a bunch of things that were not available to them that you would most certainly find in a middle class white neighborhood. Maybe I'm naive but I think anyone can do whatever they want if they put their mind to it, kind of sounds like something you would hear out of a Disney movie. Seriously though, I don't think Mike Tyson absolutely "had" to fight his way out of poverty, granted he would have a much harder time "succeeding" in life because he's black and poor but that doesn't mean it's impossible. People just need to find excuses to make themselves feel better about themselves, the author even says " when you have nothing better to do than to hate somebody who, just exactly like yourself, has nothing better to do than to pick on you instead of trying to figure out how come there's nothing better to do." They just accepted the fact that they were poor and black and fought each other instead of trying to get out of poverty, I think just because its easier that way. Obviously I have no idea whats it like to be poor and black and to be living in Brooklyn, and would have an easier time making something out of myself. I guess it all boils down to whether or not you think anyone can do anything, and I think anyone can do anything. I know there's oppression I know life is unfair, but I think it just matters whether or not you really really want something.

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